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  Our services / piano / Player Piano & grands

: Tuning


: Regulating and re- calibration of your piano Action

: Caster Replacement

: Complete restoration on piano Action

: Complete restoration on Player Piano Action

: Complete Restring and tuning plank replacement

: Moving a Grand piano, Preparing and removing legs 

: Complete Restoration on Cabinet strip and repolish 

Tuning Kawai grand piano for 2018 Jazz festival

Collaroy Piano Company        

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NSW 2086


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The Collaroy piano Company service department in Sydney can answer a wide range of questions about your instrument.  Our professional team is lead by Patrick Lelliott, who has worked as a piano builder for over 45 years in the industry  Whether it is Tuning, Regulating or any servicing or maintenance.  General questions about instrument care, tips for installation or the restoration of historical instruments – we are at your disposition.