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Beale Piano Catalogue

Grands & uprights

The Beale piano factory was established by Octavius Beale, an Irish born 
(1850) multi faceted personality. He married in 1875 to produce thirteen 
children. He was an accomplished linguist, a great traveller and a fellow of
the  London Royal Historical Society and the Royal Society of Arts. He was also 
president of the New South Wales Chamber of Commerce and a trustee of the 
Australian Museum and the Bank of New South Wales (Westpac). In 1906 he 
conducted a Royal Commission into Patent and Proprietory Medicines (at his own 
expense). At eighty years of age, he died in a motoring accident.
Beale started his business career as an importer of German upright pianos. A 
few of these imported instruments survive, and are named 'Hapsburg Beale'. The 
Beale piano factory was established at 47 Trafalgar St Annandale, and grew to 
become the largest piano factory in the southern hemisphere in the early
Below is the Beale factory

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