Are you curious to learn more about the origin and age of your Steinway & Sons piano or grand piano? We will gladly assist you –  to research our records, we simply need the serial number of the instrument. In most cases, we can identify Steinway instruments dating from 1853 to today.

We can also provide an appraisal of your instrument. In order to suggest a cost estimate for any necessary repairs, we carefully examine the condition of the instrument's technical components such as the strings, the soundboard, the mechanism, and the lacquer finish. This examination subsequently provides a basis to determine the approximate market value of the instrument. The age of the respective model, its original and current purchase price, as well as the market situation all play a substantial role in determining its value.

We will gladly examine instruments from other manufacturers on site and provide an estimate for the cost of repair. Due to limited capacity, we are not able to perform general repairs on instruments from other manufacturers. Minor repairs by sales representatives, however, are possible at any time.

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The Collaroy piano Company service department in Sydney can answer a wide range of questions about your instrument.  Our professional team is lead by Patrick Lelliott, who has worked as a piano builder for over 45 years in the industry  Whether it is Tuning, Regulating or any servicing or maintenance.  General questions about instrument care, tips for installation or the restoration of historical instruments – we are at your disposition.